Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Notes: Getting xldb to work via Cygwin (remote access to aix)

Cygwin Setup and Installation

1. Install Cygwin/X via http://www.cygwin.com/
2. Make sure the openssh and inetutils are enabled.
3. Enable the following cygwin/x packages upon setup:
a. xorg-server
b. xinit
c. xorg-docs
d. x-start-menu-1cons

Running xldb remotely
1. double click on the cygwin icon in your desktop
2. startxwin
3. on the new screen that appears set:
export SET DISPLAY=type.your.ip.address:0
4. ssh -X username@your.remote.aix.server
5. if #4 does not work, use ssh -Y username@your.remote.aix.server
6. xldb may now be used after #5